How to work on multiple git branches at the same time

A short description on using git worktrees

VIM - edit inside of an HTML tag

Use VIM to change the text inside of an HTML tag

Using Vite for building browser extensions

An easy way to set up React, Typescript and Vite to build a browser extension

Using Parcel 2 for building browser extension

An easy way to set up React, Typescript and Parcel to build a browser extension

Using Typescript for themed components

How to use typescript to hint your theme values, for example colour or sizes

A recap of AssertJS, 2019

I attended AssertJS and discovered a newfound interest in testing. Here is a recap of the conference

Checkboxes and Radio buttons part 1 - HTML and data types

Use the right form field for the right data type. Know when to push back on a design.

Better find and replace with jscodeshift

It's hard to find and replace in JSX, but this is made a lot easier by using tools like jscodeshift. How to write your own codemod to change your JSX.

On blogging with Gatsby and switching to Netlify

I decided I wanted to start blogging again, and I wanted to have a continuous CI for my blog. And I wanted my site to load quickly, so I tried out Gatsby + Netlify.

Forking react-scripts to a private repo

Need to modify your create-react-app setup, but without making a npm module of your modification? Here's how to do it, and why you might want to avoid it.