Using Typescript for themed components

How to use typescript to hint your theme values, for example colour or sizes

A recap of AssertJS, 2019

I attended AssertJS and discovered a newfound interest in testing. Here is a recap of the conference

Checkboxes and Radio buttons part 1 - HTML and data types

Use the right form field for the right data type. Know when to push back on a design.

Better find and replace with jscodeshift

It's hard to find and replace in JSX, but this is made a lot easier by using tools like jscodeshift. How to write your own codemod to change your JSX.

On blogging with Gatsby and switching to Netlify

I decided I wanted to start blogging again, and I wanted to have a continuous CI for my blog. And I wanted my site to load quickly, so I tried out Gatsby + Netlify.

Forking react-scripts to a private repo

Need to modify your create-react-app setup, but without making a npm module of your modification? Here's how to do it, and why you might want to avoid it.