I am a senior software engineer at @JoinLeague. Before League, I have worked on mainly frontend apps (but on occasion, iOS and Android apps). I have also led teams through a mix of planning (and - let’s be honest - failing to plan), flagging risks, pair-programming, running workshops on new technologies, code reviews and tweaking our CI configuration.

Common questions people ask me

Where are you from?

I was born in East York, Toronto, and I grew up in Highland Creek, Scarborough.

But I mean, where is your family from?


No, but really, where were your parents born?

Really. Guyana.

No, I mean, your grandparents?

I’m serious now. Guyana.

Is Guyana in Tibet?

No, it’s in South America. But it’s culturally part of the Caribbean.

Do you speak Chinese?

No. Many Chinese Caribbean people are looked down upon by Chinese people, this is often because we are children of Second Wives.

I personally suspect that even though the Caribbean is very Christian, monogamy is not the norm. But don’t tell my mother this.

Lei ho ma?

OMG. Please.

What is your gender?

For some reason my bank used to send me mail as “Mr. Nicole Chung”. Most people identify me as non-binary. I have no preference although I generally identify as a woman.

How did you learn to code?

I went to school for Image Arts (Film and Video) at Ryerson, then did a course on web stuff at Centennial College where I learned HTML.

However, at the time I graduated, the market crashed so I went back to working as a production assistant/grip in the film world in Toronto. To clarify, I wasn’t really working on the most glamourous stuff - music videos, some commericals, and the occasional daily on union sets.

Otherwise I am self-taught, which is code for “Stack Overflow”, and few years of freelancing. After that I started working at various product studios in Toronto, where I benefitted from lots of mentoring from tech leads who encouraged me to do talks and side projects.

Nicole Chung

Nicole Chung lives and works in Toronto. When she is not working she mostly listens to her friends telling absurd stories.