Using the Canon Hack Development Kit

I decided to start messing around with the Canon Hack Development Kit this week, a neat piece of software/firmware that allows you to turn your Canon Powershot into a camera that can shoot RAW format, run scripts to do timelapse photography and other sorts of stuff.

Unfortunately, my Canon Powershot A570 was already close to kicking the bucket, and it finally failed this week due to a defective battery door. So now I have no camera with which to experiment with. I’m considering purchasing a cheap A480 or A490 later on when I have more cash

In the meanwhile, you can view the screencast I made below in order to get the Canon Hack Development Kit working on your own camera…

Using the Canon Hack Development Kit, part 1 (MAC) from Nicole Chung on Vimeo.

Check out some videos I made…

Below is one of two promotional videos I made for the Gladstone Hotel. I actually shot it back in the spring but then I got busy working on Inside The Haiti Earthquake, so I’ve only had time to finish it now.

Music was courtesy of Gentlemen Reg.

Thanks to Jeremy Vandermeij for providing all the resources necessary (people, locations, exhibits) to produce this video.


Canon Rebel T2i

Tokina Wide 11-16mm lens f 2.8

Canon EF 35mm lens f 2.0

Manfrotto 558B Monopod